Tuesday, August 11, 2009

On Making Your Own Lunch

There is an old story about a construction worker named Bob, who regularly took his lunch to work. However, everyday he complained profusely about the contents of his lunch box.

"A turkey sandwich again," he remarked one day, "I hate turkey sandwiches!"

After hearing his daily complaints, one of his co-workers piped in, "Bob, for crying out loud. I can't stand hearing you complain everyday. Just tell your wife to make you other food if you hate turkey sandwiches so much."

To which Bob replied, "Wife? I live alone, and make my own lunch."

Dumping Twitter Users
Tech blogger and ultra geek Robert Scoble, who was following over a whopping 100,000 users on Twitter decided to dump them all, and only add those of interest. He essentially realized that he could make his own lunch—and pick the users he wanted to follow.

Bill Gates Dumping Facebook
Bill Gates says he couldn’t keep up with all his friends let alone his fans so he has dumped Facebook. Bill is making his own lunch.

Make Your Own Lunch
Make your own lunch and decide what you want to eat and do.

Soren Gordhamer, Keeping Twitter Relevant: The Art of Unfollowing, Huffington Post, 8 August 2009.

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Image: “I hate turkey sandwiches.”