Sunday, October 28, 2007

Taking Your Prospective Partner for a Ride

CSM has an interesting story about a honeymoon couple in which the new bride makes some timely discoveries about her husband from the decisions about who get’s in the driver’s seat, whether they will mooch along and view the sights or head on briskly to their destination and which way they should go at the crossroads.

When he senses she is upset, the conversation goes like this:

“You want to drive, then?” He raised his eyebrows and winced.

“No, it's more than that.” I had trouble finding the words. “It's driving in the bigger sense of the word. I don't want marriage to mean that you make all the decisions.” How bad was this sounding? I brushed at a tear. “I don't want you mapping out the rest of my life.”

To read the full story, follow this link:

Elizabeth Brown, ‘They Learn to Share the Driver’s Seat’, CSM, 22 October 2007.

Image: “who get’s in the driver’s seat.”